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damn guy! so listen up

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As a result, the prosecution has told the jury the number of rides Menendez received as gifts is 20 (including a commercial flight and two flights Melgen paid for Menendez friend), but the defense has told the jury the number of round trip flights is closer to 5 (excluding times when Menendez wasn on the plane and only including trips to the Dominican Republic).Number of years the defense team says the two men were friends before all this happened (to support their case): 14Defense attorneys claim that Menendez and Melgen became were friends for 25 years and that all of the gifts, trips, and donations prosecutors seek to use as evidence happened way before 2006 suggesting their was no "corrupt pact" once Menendez became a senator.Number of years the prosecution says Menendez failed to report Melgen gifts: 4The government alleges that Menendez left flights given to him by Melgen off his Senate financial disclosure forms covering the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.Number of women Menendez is accused of helping get into the US: 4Menendez allegedly helped Melgen obtain visas for women from Ukraine, the Dominican Republic and Brazil.. cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys Sean Murphy's wife is Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat from Winter Park, who drew scrutiny this week because of her involvement in 3N2 and her political advocacy for small and medium sized manufacturers in the United States. 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